Yemeni-German Technical Cooperation - Water Sector Program
برنامج التعاون الفني اليمني الألماني في قطاع المياه


For more than 20 years Yemen has been supported in the water sector by the Federal Republic of Germany. So far, about one third of the urban population of Yemen has gained access to a safe water supply through Yemeni-German collaboration in this sector.

GTZ is now GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

GIZ was formed on 1 January 2011. It brings together the long-standing expertise of the Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst (DED) GmbH (German Development Service), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH (German Technical Cooperation) and Inwent – Capacity Building International, Germany.
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GIZ Water Support Program and WASH Cluster

GIZ/Water Sector Program is participating in the activities of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene promotion (WASH) Cluster led by UNICEF. The cluster was established for ensuring the coordination of emergency WASH programs and activities among the partners and relief agencies to support the most vulnerable parts of the Yemeni population, especially displaced people in urban and rural areas as a result of the political crises. GIZ is actively working with other relief agencies in

  • Exchanging information of activities and interventions in the targeted areas to avoid overlapping of implemented activities.

  • Mobilizing the available resources (financial, human and material)

  • Engaging in activities with affected communities and building up the local capacities to overcome the consequences of the crisis; and

  • Implementing interventions including assessing needs and developing policies and guidelines.

WASH Cluster activities at humanitarian response Yemen
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The Technical Secretariat for Sector Reform in Urban Water Supply and Sanitation has compiled and archived studies and reports related to the water sector in Yemen since 1995.

The catalogue includes more than 900 titles covering all aspects of water management, laws and regulations and consultants' reports in Arabic and English languages.

The reports are available as hard copies. Please contact us if you are interested in specific title:
download Catalogue, PDF (410KB)

NEWS - July 2012
Zabid - Sewer connections reach poor households

206 vulnerable people are benefiting from sanitation services.
Under the support of WSP Component 3, the Water Utility and a local NGO in the town of Zabid are cooperating in order to provide sanitation services to poor families.


NEWS - June 2012
Workshop on “Performance Report  for Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector for 2011”

Component 1 and Component 3 in cooperation with the Ministry of Water and Environment hold a workshop in Sana’a on 20th June 2012 at Shahran hotel to discuss the performance report of the utilities during 2011 and the importance of using the performance indicators information system (PIIS) as a management and monitoring tool.


NEWS - June 2012
Overcoming the Crisis

In view of the effects of the political and economic crisis crippling the country the Component 2 of the GIZ water sector program “Human Resources Development in the water sector” embarked on emergency measures to support the suffering population. They included hygiene awareness training for internally displaced people from Abyan governorate, the training of utility staff in dealing with conflicts in customer relations and in facilitating exchange between utilities on coping with the crisis.


Providing 2 Generators to Sana’a LC during crisis

During the crisis in 2011 Component 1 of GIZ WSP supported the Sana’a Local Corporation with 2 generators (250 kilo watt each) in order to cope with the continuous electricity deficiency (cost USD 110,000) and  to provide water to the poor areas in Sana’a. The generators were installed to support the pumps of the wells in the areas of Al-Hafa and Nogum .5600 customers (39000 persons) could be provided with water from 10th September 2011 till now.

NEWS - May 2012
Success story: Water Basin Committee coordinates emergency measures in Abyan/Yemen

The outbreak of the political crisis in Yemen in early 2011 had an enormous impact on the water and sanitation sector in the country. People in the rural areas have been particularly hard hit, as basic water supply services are no longer functioning.

NEWS - May 2012
A Glimmer of Hope
Supporting Abyan IDPs in the Governorate of Lahej

Due to the ongoing crisis, the situation in Abyan is deteriorating rapidly. Each day, hundreds of sad stories can be told about people living in the governorate of Abyan. Hundreds of families are suffering from the consequences of the crisis.

NEWS - August 2011
Women and Water Crisis Survey

Water shortages in remote local communities are critical in general and most of the burden is put on women shoulders.

NEWS - July 2011
GIZ is Providing Tankers’ Water for Refugees in Abyan

The implications of Abyan crisis on the population these days cannot be denied. A lot of people suffered and left their houses escaping from the fighting that destroyed their homes, hampered their life and hopes.

NEWS - March 2011
World Water Day 2011 in Abyan

Despite the difficult security circumstances in the region, Abyan insisted to celebrate the World Water Day.

NEWS - March 2011
Mr. Niebel, German Minister for International Development Cooperation visited Aden and Thula

A high ranking delegation from Germany headed by the Minister of the International Development Cooperation, Mr. Dirk Niebel visited Amran and Aden on January 9th & 10th, 2011 to see German development cooperation projects on the ground and to strengthen good relations and joint cooperation between the two countries.

NEWS - March 2011
Water Law- By Law Brought to Light

The Decentralized Water Resources Management (DWRM) - Component 4 of the water program was taking the lead to bring the water law - by law to light.

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